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There are several reasons to become Portugal your future investment destination. In the past few years, the country has been registering an extraordinary growth on tourism and real estate, which were boosted by favorable political and economical scenarios and, of course, the country’s incredible natural beauty found throughout all the territory that conquers vistors from overseas.

For all these reasons, Portugal has become a global reference, a “brand” that is attracting more and more tourists and investors from all over the World each day, and it’s quite interesting to learn about what factors are contributing for this incredibly exciting moment the country is experiencing.

Portugal has a privileged geographic location, allowing one to reach it by plane on an average 3-hour flight from any point within Europe or little more than 7 hours if you’re coming from the Americas.

Because of its 940-kilometer-long continental coastline bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, plus 660km in the Azores and 250km in Madeira, Portugal’s two archipelagos, the country’s climate is generally sunny and mild year-round. We use to say around here that we have 300 sunny days per year, and that’s not actually too far from reality.

In terms of natural beauty, Portugal offers stunning landscapes from north to south, which change from the vast litoral with amazing beaches and crystaline waters to the mountains located inland where you can even ski or practice other snow sports, from the endless plains of the Alentejo to the steep valleys covered by thousands of hectares of vineyards at the Douro region, or from the immense pine tree and eucalyptus forests on Central Portugal to the lush subtropical forests of the Azores and Madeira.

Being one of Europe’s oldest nations, Portugal has an incredibly rich history that goes back to the 12th Century and from which an unique culture has been created, wih ancient traditions that will make you fall in love with.

The Portuguese are an extremely kind, friendly and helpful people, always available to assist you in whatever and whenever you need, apart from the fact that they easily speak foreign languages, which makes the experience of living here extremely pleasant for those who come from overseas.

Portugal was elected in 2019 as the World’s thrid most peaceful country, a distinction that was given by the Global Peace Index, which came from the fact that there are no wars, no terrorism, no mafias and one of Europe’s lowest crime rates.

Portugal is also stable in terms of politics, it has been like this since April 25th, 1974, the day when the so-called “Carnations Revolution” took place, a life-changing event for the country and its people, who from that day only started to live in the current democratic regime. This stability has also been influencing Portugal’s economy in the last few years, which has been growing faster than any other nation within the Euro Zone.

In terms of tourism, Portugal has been getting almost every award the country could win in the past decade, which proves the efforts to improve the hotel offer nationwide and the quality of all the services associated to this activity, as well as the increase of the nation’s cultural agenda, entertainment and leisure facilities.

If you enjoy tasting very nice meals joined by great wines, then you should know that Portugal has one of the finest, most diversified and most appreciated gastronomies in the whole wide World. As for the wines, some of the World’s best and most awarded are Portuguese and you can easily find them from north to South, divided into several distinct flavors and varieties. Apart from the exquisite cuisine and fabulous wines, there’s also delicious regional pastries throughout the country that you will love to taste, including the famous “pastel de nata”, the typical cream custard pies that became a brand on their own, as well as traditional bakeries where bread is still cooked on firewood ovens.

One of the most satisfying parts of living in Portugal is that you can enjoy all that is mentioned above for prices that are equally delicious, which means they are lower than the ones you find anywhere else in Europe or in other major touristic destinations. In fact, all the normal daily expenses in Portugal are generally lower than in other countries. Take healthcare plans, for example, it won’t cost you much more than 50,00€ per person and per month to get a pretty decent plan that allows you to get the best care in every part of the country.

To rent a car and drive through the country is very simple, as Portugal has one of Europe’s most complete motorway networks, allowing you to go between the southernmost and the northernmost points almost entirely on motorways. Tolls and car renting is pretty reasonable in terms of prices, which means you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes found all over the territory.

Let us now analyze the real estate market itself. Since 2012 that the Portuguese real estate market is experiencing a fantastic expansion, mostly due to the investment incentive programs created by the government, such as the Golden Visa Scheme, which targets investors from outside of Europe and thanks to which more than 5 Billion Euros were already injected in the Portuguese economy. Another quite interesting program was made to bring tax benefits to Non-Habitual Residents, the NHR Program, through which foreign investors can have lower tax rates than on their original countries or even be under a regime with no taxes at all.

Investing in properties is an extremely smart operation in Portugal nowadays, given the granted return which is due to the huge demand for short-term rentals by tourists and long-term rentals by foreigners and locals. Average yields for the residential market on major cities very between 4 and 6%, but they can be substantially higher outside of them.

Real estate assets valuation is a reality in the Portuguese market, with some areas recording an annual valuation ranging between 12,5 and 20% and others reaching even 30%, mostly on Lisbon and Porto’s metropolitan areas and also in the Algarve.

Construction and real estate, despite the fact that they’re both expanding enormously in Portugal, are submitted to strict planning rules, especially in protected or environmentally sensitive areas. The purpose is to keep completely intact those places’ natural beauty and ecosystems, in order to create the smallest impact.

Lastly, in an age where technology and globalization are taking over society worldwide, we know how important can be the simple possibility of being able to work remotely when you’re overseas. Because of this, you’ll definitely like to know that Portugal has currently one of Europe’s most evolved and sophisticated fiber network, which allows you to have really fast connections to the web on almost every point of the country.

Now that you already know why you should invest in Portugal, you should discover our property portfolio. We will help you to find the house you’ve been looking for and assist you throughout all the process so that your experience can be the best.